Why Cutting Edge?

Benefits of working with Cutting Edge Systems

  • Collaborative Design.  Our mission is to put our client's interest first as we help make every other contractor's work shine. 
  • Superior Project Management. You can expect superior communication, keeping your project on time and on budget.
  • Great References. We encourage you to call our past clients. No one will have better advice about owning the systems you are purchasing.
  • Service Department. You get a dedicated team that understands that customer service after the install is priority one.
  • Rigorous New Product Testing. You get a system using the latest, state of the art products.  We will not recommend any new technologies until we have tested them for reliability and we can support them moving forward.
  • Independent Systems Philosophy. You get the most robust and fault tolerant systems in the world, but power outages and service disruptions happen from time to time in every home. Our configurations ensure that a temporary disruption in operation of one system will not affect the usability of others.
  • Fast and Reliable Installation. You get a system that's built, Quality Control Checked (QC'd), programmed, QC'd, burned-in and QC'd again before it is ever installed. Things work right the first time and our expert technicians are in and out of your home quickly.
  • Programming Expertise. Our technical staff is comprised of professionals who are dedicated to provide you user-friendly solutions that meet your needs.