Cutting Edge Systems delivers and installs Structured Low Voltage Wiring, TV’s, projectors, music systems, telephones and control systems. We deliver and setup home networking or can work with your IT professional to specify the requirements for the products we install. We provide lighting controls and shade products directly, and work with your electrician to ensure their safe and reliable operation.

Many of the systems in a home, such as the HVAC system, are installed by various other contractors and are designed to work independently. However, managing them in concert with other systems in the home may benefit the homeowner by making them more convenient to operate. At Cutting Edge Systems, we do not install or service HVAC systems directly, yet we work with the provider to simplify their operation. The control systems we install simply add a layer on top of the current control so that they can communicate seamlessly with touchscreens, lighting or other triggers around the house. The systems can still work independently but now have another way to control them. Our goal is not to override the intention of the system but to complement its usefulness.

Structured Wiring – The most important step in designing any system is to make sure that the backbone is sufficient to support whatever technologies are available today and provide enough flexibility and capacity for whatever comes down the road in the foreseeable future. Looking back on systems we installed 15 years ago, the wiring is still usable and relevant today. We make sure that every step is taken to provide compatibility well into the future. Recent projects include not only category 6 cable, but fiber optic cable for longer runs and faster throughput of video and data.

Networking – Most systems today are moving closer towards Ethernet as the basis of their communication, whether wired or wireless. Therefore, a strong network setup is often required using sophisticated setup for security, vlans and VPN access. 

Audio/Video – From simple cable TV installations through elaborate and award winning, dedicated home theaters, Cutting Edge Systems will deliver a great experience. We’ll work with you to determine if multiple, local video systems or distributed video will be your best option. We are authorized dealers for Samsung, Sony, Elite, Digital Projection, Runco, Lexicon, Harman Specialized Products, James Loudspeakers and many other brands.

Lighting Control and Motorized Shading – Both lighting and shading control manage the amount of light in a room so it makes sense that they be controlled together.

The design of a light control system determines its usefulness, so good working relationships with the electrician, the lighting designer and the architect are critical. Cutting Edge will help you determine the best configuration for your system, whether it is local dimming, remote dimming or hybrid control. LED control specifically needs an engineered approach to ensure compatibility. 

Integration Options – When it comes to automation and integration, practically anything can be achieved but some options may make more sense than others. Control systems can help provide energy management, alarm integration, driveway notifications and more. The setup only requires a trigger and a defined logic on how to respond. Although it sounds easy enough, some scenarios can be quite complex. We can help you navigate the pros and cons of various options to make sure that your investment into technology is a good one