Family Living

The client asked that we design a cutting edge, integrated system that could control everything from anywhere in the house. It also had to be easy enough to operate that even his guests—and kids—could use it without training. 

As an avid sports fan, the client wanted to enjoy watching certain events in the dedicated theater with the lights on. The super brightness and resolution of the 3-chip DLP projector from Runco fit the bill to a tee. Most home theater projection systems require minimal light to present optimal projection, but this particular technology is ideal under a variety of lighting conditions. 

The family spent most of their time in a living room on the main floor. Here, stories would be read, homework would be completed, games would be played and an occasional movie would be watched together. Because of the multi-functional use of the room, the couple didn't want electronic components to overwhelm the otherwise comfortable and inviting aesthetics of the space. So a home theater was built into hidden cabinetry that would only expose the screen when in use. 


We made the entire e-home controllable through an AMX system and engineered it to provide a layered, technology umbrella over each individual sub-system in the house—lighting, audio, video, HVAC and security integration. Operation of the system through keypads and touch screens is very intuitive with the most commonly used features easily accessible on top-level menus. 

Attention to detail:
Because the entire system was programmed to be accessible by both guests and their children, RS-232 controls were installed to restrict access to age-appropriate content on the televisions that they had access to. Other systems, like those in the master suite, had full access to all digital content available. 




+ AMX Control System 
+ AMX Keypads, Color Touchscreens and Wireless Touchscreen Controllers 
+ Lutron Homeworks Lighting Control (192 loads)
+ Runco 3-chip DLP Projector
+ Lexicon 7.1 Surround Sound Processors
+ Parasound Amplification
+ Triad Speakers and Subwoofers (Theater)
+ In Ceiling Loudspeakers (House Music)