We originally installed a full automation system when the home was built 15 years ago, With recent advances in technology, the client wanted an upgrade for their system to take advantage of all the new features that are available today. Out original mission was to develop an integrated system that could control everything from anywhere in the house. It also had to be easy enough to operate that even his guests—and kids—could use it without training. The new system preserved everything the client asked for originally and added a whole lot more!

We upgraded the e-home system to Control4 and engineered it to provide a layered, technology umbrella over each individual sub-system in the house—lighting, audio, video, HVAC and security integration.


Operation is through keypads and touch screens that are very intuitive with the most commonly used features and are easily accessible throughout the property.  Every function can be managed from anywhere, including remotely on a smart phone.

+ Control4 Control System
+ Control4  Keypads, Color Touchscreens and Wireless Touchscreen Controllers
+ Lutron Homeworks Lighting Control (192 loads)
+ Sony Projector with ISF calibration
+ 7.1 Surround Sound Processor with Audyssey PRO calibration








Cutting Edge Systems works on systems ranging from a single TV to a fully automated home.

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