How can I establish a proper budget for my project?

The Home Technology Association has come up with a brilliant, 20 question tool to help establish realistic budget guidelines that are appropriate for professional, luxury level projects. No registration or sign in required, so try it out today!

Just click on the Budget Tool logo.  The calculator is completely free and requires no registration or download.  


Cutting Edge Systems is Luxury Level Certified

Cutting Edge Systems is one of the very few technology specialists in Greater Boston with Home Technology Association Certification at the Luxury level.  HTA Certification is the new gold standard of professional excellence for home technology installation firms.  All HTA Certified installers have met the rigorous standards set by the HTA for technical competence, customer service, and professional reputation within the design-build community and has passed the rigorous requirements necessary to earn certification by the Home Technology Association.


What is the HTA?

The Home Technology Association is an independent organization that has developed a new, industry standard certification program for home technology installation companies. In an industry with no barriers to entry, the HTA has created a rigorous set of standards for home technology companies to adhere to.

Firms that meet the 60+ points of evaluation criteria must commit to maintaining the high standards of HTA Certification or risk losing certification. 



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Why do we need an independent certification process?

Unlike medicine, law, or architecture, there exists no real qualification process to call oneself a “home technology professional”. This low to no barrier of entry has resulted in countless sub-par technology experiences for consumers and has plagued the home technology industry for decades. Everyone has suffered.

Consumers own homes that they cannot operate, manufacturer's names are sullied, and qualified home technology firms are faced with an untrusting public.

.... The Home Technology Association (HTA) is changing that.